Our Paper Making Process

Discover our 8-step process for making premium 100% recycled printing paper.


Fiber Sourcing and Delivery​ ​

Finding the Right Fiber

Our fiber procurement team conducts a thorough screening process to identify reliable sources of post-consumer waste and pulp fibers. Every day hundreds of tons of certified waste and fibers that meet the highest standards for quality and environmental sustainability. We take pride in holding both Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) certifications, which serve as a testament to our commitment to responsible fiber sourcing.


Fiber Inspection

Taking a Close Look at Fiber Composition

Upon arrival at the Mill, samples are pulled from each truckload and sent to our "wet lab" for analysis. The fiber inspection process includes a chemical test to detect any impurities that could affect the production of top-quality printing paper. Once the fibers are determined to meet our quality standards, they are sorted by grade and sent to Pulp Prep. 


Pulp Prep

Mastering Pulp Preparation

With our state-of-the-art industrial pulper (a.k.a. Big Bertha), waste paper is combined with water and agitated until it transforms into a "slurry." Additional measures are taken to remove plastics and deink the pulp for grades with contaminants.  Then, a chlorine-free brightening process takes place, which will enhance the paper's appearance. The slurry is then diluted and sent to the "head box."


Wet Paper Production

Transforming Pulp into Wet Paper

At the core of our production process are huge paper-making machines, where diluted slurry is fed into a fan pump.  The wet fibers are sprayed out of the headbox onto mesh wires, where they form a continuous paper web. As the paper sheets begin to take shape, excess water is removed and recycled. 


Drying and Winding

Here's Where Things Get Rolling

After the wet paper production, the freshly formed sheets are dried, starch-coated, and dried once more. Depending on customer requests, additional treatments are applied at this time to enhance paper performance. Once dried, the paper is wound on large production spools and then rewound on cardboard rolls before being taken to the Finishing and Converting areas. 



Adding the Finishing Touches to Rolls

In the Finishing phase, attention to detail and concentration are key, as the rolls are delicately trimmed and carefully wrapped in a moisture-resistant material. Final quality inspections ensure that only the finest paper leaves our facility. 



Converting Rolls into Standard Printing Paper Sizes

Our facility is equipped with several cut-size machines to handle the conversion of rolled paper into standard printing sizes or folio sheets. Cut sheets are grouped in reams, then carefully wrapped in moisture-resistant material and packaged in branded cartons. 


Warehousing and Shipping

Sending off the Sheets

The finished paper products are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse until they're ready for shipment. Every day, a couple of hundred tons of premium-quality recycled printing paper leave our facility, destined to meet the diverse needs of our customers worldwide.

Delivering Superior Paper

Quality Control Lab

Paper that performs every time is our promise to you.

In pursuit of paper perfection, the American Eagle Paper Mills Quality Control Lab combines advanced technology with the expertise of our skilled paper technicians, ensuring that every sheet meets the most stringent quality standards.

Our ultimate objective is to prevent any flaws or irregularities from arising in our paper products that could affect their quality. To achieve this, we subject our paper to a thorough testing and analysis process that involves meticulous scrutiny of every aspect of the paper, ranging from visual inspections to various lab tool measurements. This helps us ensure that our customers receive high-quality and dependable products that perform at their best.

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