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American Eagle Paper Mills CEO Mike Grimm named to top 100 People List by PA Business Central

Year after year, it has been Pennsylvania Business Central’s honor to celebrate the top 100 people in business and economic development who have learned through failures and successes how to develop both their organizations and communities.

American Eagle Paper Mills CEO Mike Grimm was named one of those top 100 people in business.

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Uncoated Freesheet: 'Small guy' American Eagle mill still rolling behind an energy upgrade, flexibility

OAKLAND, CA, Sept. 23, 2016 (PPI Pulp &Paper Week) - An ongoing 45% demand decline on uncoated freesheet (UFS) paper in North America since 2000 has not deterred American Eagle Paper Mills.

The 90,000 tons/yr mill in central Pennsylvania with a long, colorful history remains fixated and growing in UFS.

In the last two years, the company spent $15 million on a critical coal to natural gas boiler project that significantly reduces the mill's production cost, opened a new warehouse, and started up a second cutsize sheeter. Further, company CEO Mike Grimm, who started at American Eagle Paper in early 2013, sees continuing interest and growth potential in 100% recycled-content office/copy paper, which is an American Eagle staple. In 2015, for example, the city of New York started using 100% recycled-content office paper at its government offices.

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4 decade paper mill worker shares story

By Julie White
Staff Writer

In our look back at the hard workers and solid foundation of the past at the American Eagle Paper Mill, we found Tyrone resident Robert J. Tennis, 94, with the help of his granddaughter, Robin Morrissey, also a paper mill employee.

Tennis worked in the paper mill from 1945 to 1984 in an upward-moving career that spanned four decades. Tennis came to the Herald office this week with his daughter, Carole Golden, to share his story.

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The Whistle Blows Again: New Technology at American Eagle Paper Mills

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Tyrone Mill Showcases New Gas Boiler

By Sean Sauro

TYRONE ­ The press of a button sounded a whistle Thursday morning outside American Eagle Paper Mills, symbolizing the installation of new technology and a move toward the future.

Mill officials opened their new warehouse and customer service center to the public ­ including local politicians and business leaders ­ to highlight a new natural gas boiler that replaced aging equipment and improved operations.

"Shortly after I took the reins in 2013, I realized we had a big problem to deal with," said Mike Grimm, the mills' president and CEO. "It was one of those problems that keep you up at night. The type of problem that just doesn't go away when the market improves."

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The American Eagle Paper Mill: A rich history, a bright future

The American Eagle Paper Mill is a significant piece of Tyrone history. Since the paper mill opened in 1880, many in Tyrone have found their livelihoods in the mill. Both the paper mill and the railroad had a great economic impact on the town and its residents.

We began looking back at the paper mill a few weeks ago in order to honor the past, while celebrating the present and looking towards the bright future for the mill and its people. In this photo recently discovered in a box of historic memorabilia at the mill, names were handwritten on the back. Some of the writing was a bit difficult to read, so we apologize that some of the names may be misspelled.

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