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Nestled in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania’s eastern Allegheny Mountains rests the small town of Tyrone. For decades, this predominately blue collar community revolved around two things: the town’s cornerstone paper mill and the great outdoors. Life in Tyrone was a simple and predictable one. Most families worked at the Tyrone paper mill, affording them the opportunity to make an honorable living that could support their families. Weekends would be spent enjoying the scenic surrounding, fishing in the streams, and hunting in the nearby game lands. The Tyrone Paper Mill was the focal point of the town—more like a town hall than an actual mill.

Built in the 1880s, the paper mill was an historical icon in Pennsylvania and is one of the oldest working paper mills in the country. Unfortunately in October 2001, everything changed for this small community when the paper mill unexpectedly shut its doors, an event that was catastrophic to hundreds of families. After the mill’s closure, all that remained were the vacant brick red buildings and lifeless smoke stacks, until the unprecedented happened...The community and mill employees saw a future and an opportunity to turn a business around and they mobilize to make it happen.

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Employee Profile: Steve Hanzir

A Tyrone, PA native, Steve Hanzir is proud to work for a company that is not only a major employer for families in the area, but one that produces and delivers their products in a 100% environmentally sound manner. Paper production dates back to the 1880’s for this small town of 5,500 residents. These local families depend on the jobs American Eagle Paper Mills brings to the area. To Steve, American Eagle Paper Mills is so much more than just a place that makes paper; it is a community staple that makes him “hometown proud.” Steve has worked for the plant for over eight years, following in the footsteps of his father who retired from the Westvaco Mill.

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